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Mil - STD - Connectors

We supply many types of military connectors, from the simple to the complex, here are some of the most popular:


Series I, II And III
Only can provide an entire range of MIL-DTL-3899 connectors, including MS qualified solder, firewall, composite, hermetic and breakaway shell styles. These subminiature connector series meet high-performance electrical requirements


Available with a bayonet or threaded coupling, and aluminium or stainless steel shells, in a variety of style and finish options. This front release style connector is ideal for applications requiring on-the-line maintenance. Hermetic versions are also available


Qualified to Mil-C5015, Mil-C-26482 & Mil-C-83723 standards. MIL-C-83723 Series III connectors are the leading choice for firewall & harsh environment applications. Qualified to all major aircraft specifications. An ideal choice for use up to 260°C

Stores Management Type II Rail Launch

The MIL-STD-1760 Stores Management Connector System is designed for use on aircraft that carry rail launched missiles. The insert provides for a hybrid arrangement that has been used on the F-18, B-52, B-2 and SRAM II programs

Backplane Assemblies

Backplane assemblies using high-density, ruggedized board to backplane interconnects.   Backplane performs in the most demanding environments including commercial airliners, army helicopters, Navy & Air Force fighters, C41 electronics, missiles & Navy warships

MIL-STD-1760 Weapons Release

 Offers a full-line of quick disconnect connectors. Failsafe products are qualified to MS27661, D38999/29, /30 and /31 specifications. Coupling options include: MIL-C-26482 Series II - twist pull, MIL-C-5015 type proprietary push-pull and others

Hermetics MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-26482, MIL-DTL-3899 Series I, II, & IIIHermetic line includes all the basic connector family lines: standard, miniature & subminiature. These connectors incorporate a high pressure-capable insert to avoid leaking. With contact counts from 2 to 128

Astronaut Zero-G 

 The Astronaut Zero-G Connector is a handle-operated connector designed for use in space by suited astronauts. This connector has been used on the International Space Station, Apollo, Lunar Rover, and Skylab programs

Printed Circuit Board
  Offers today's equipment designer a wide variety of contact options, including a printed circuit board, wire wrap, coaxial, twin axial, triaxial, first-mate-last-break, compliant pin, and high mating cycle options

EMI Filter 

 EMI/EMP protection connectors offer the versatility of standard connectors, but with EMI/ EMP protection for sensitive circuits. Internal housing of EMI/EMP devices eliminates costly & bulky exterior discrete protection devices. Available in many sizes, styles & arrangements

Rectangular & Brush Contact
This high-performance system is ideal for demanding applications such as the M1A2 tank and the F16 fighter. MIL-C-55302 rectangular connectors with brush contacts provide extreme low mating & unmating forces

Ground Plane

Combining the best of both MIL-C-3899 and shielded contact technologies,  offers a wide range of ground plane connector options. Capabilities include common contact-to-contact shield grounding for a variety of connector shell styles, materials and insert arrangements

Fibre Optic & Cable

Harsh environments require high-reliability optical connectors, termini, cable assemblies, and backplanes for a broad range of applications The rugged multi-channel D38999 Series III connector incorporates the proven MIL-T-29504 family of termini, with aluminium, stainless steel or composite shell


The CTOS is field Deployable Lens connectors developed for battlefield conditions & quickly deployable large capacity links. With expandable beam lens technology, the interface performs in harsh environments. This connector is available in 2, 4, & 8 channel configurations & accommodates both single mode & multimode cables

The RNJ is environmental rack and panel cylindrical connectors derived from the MIL-DTL-3899 series 1.The specific design of the RNJ ensures axial, angular & longitudinal realignments. The RNJ OP is the optical version providing 4 to 8 multimode channels

Terminal Junction Modules Series 1750/1765/1100/1174

For signal or power distribution in avionics systems. High density for size 22-20-16-12-10 contacts. A wide variety of contact layouts for most requirements. Mixed layouts & grounded versions with inserted components (diodes, resistors, micro relays) in environmentally sealed junctions


(Modular Interconnection System Modular, multi-contact, multi-function rectangular connector in metallic or composite, shielded or standard. For signal, power, coax tri ax & optical contacts. This System is suited to Commercial or Military Avionics & C4I systems & missiles, where small size & reduced weight are paramount

1720 Series Push-Pull Locking & Fixing

Designed to European commercial aircraft Standards ABS 0364 & ABS 1019 for easy termination, installation & mating. All plastic connectors. Available in size 5, 9, 10 or 26 crimp contacts. IP 66 Environmental grommet & interfacial seal. Provides connection for each passenger's reading lamp on aircraft

1900 Series Rectangular ASNE 0390 & EN 3545
All plastic, compact, rectangular high density for crimp, solder or right-angled PCB contacts, & is ideal for an aircraft environment. Available in AWG 22-20-16-12-10 to MIL C 39029/57 & 58 standards, mixed layout, coax & power versions that are either environmentally sealed or standard

Bus Bars and Power Distribution Terminals

Bus bars are designed to feed AC three-pole circuit breakers on all Airbus commercial aircraft. The bus bar is made of copper-nickel core & an insulator, to use up to 3000V, 50/60Hz & 250Amps. Insulation resistance of more than 5000MOhm. 3240 Series terminals ideal for power distribution in aircraft environments with current ratings of 10 -125 or 250 Amp at 600VCA, dielectric over 5 KV

Sockets for Hermetically Sealed Relays

Available both in environmentally sealed or standard. Accepts 5 to 25 A relays of differing polarizations. Crimp or PCB solder socket contacts. Complies with MIL S 12883/40-41 and European commercial aircraft ASN E 0219/247/250/251 standards. Various types of fixings supplied

Environmental Weatherproof Optical Connectors

Fibre optic connectors developed for outdoor applications using proven shells, with high performance. They are waterproof, weatherproof (corrosion & UV resistant) & suitable for blind mate applications. They use standard termini, providing high reliability and cost-effective design. Available in screw, bayonet & push-pull, in 2 & 4 channels

SIHD, SIAL & Thermal Clamps
SIHD combines thermal conductivity & grounding contacts to respond to problems with transients and cross talk. SIAL combines the SIHD with the modularity & the addition of power, coaxial contacts & optical termini. Thermal clamps ensure the thermal dissipation of circuit boards from heat sinks to the chassis


The AXOS"  expanded beam Optical Small" is a hermaphroditic miniature rapid ramp coupling connector for indoor & outdoor communication systems. The flat protective window ensures easy cleaning & provide the best optical performance whatever the conditions. This connector is available in 2 & 4 channel configurations &accommodates both single mode & multimode cables

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Cable and Wire - Fire Resistant

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Cable and Wire - Flat Ribbon

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Cable and Wire - Glands

Cable and Wire - Glands - Flameproof

Cable and Wire - Glands - Hazardous Area

Cable and Wire - Glands - Low Smoke, Zero Halogen

Cable and Wire - Glands - Plastic

Cable and Wire - Glands - Sealing

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Cable and Wire - Harnesses

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Cable and Wire - Identification Systems

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Cable and Wire - Strippers

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Calibration - Equipment

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Calibration - Test Equipment


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Capacitors - Aluminium

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Capacitors - Fixed

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Clamps - Toggle Action

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Coatings - Conductive

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps

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Compressors - Air

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Computer - Network Systems and Equipment

Computer - Networks, LAN

Computer - Notebook

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Conductive Coatings

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Connectors - Accessories

Connectors - Adaptors

Connectors - Audio

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Connectors - Crimp

Connectors - D Type

Connectors - DIN 41612 (Eurocard)

Connectors - Electric

Connectors - Electronic

Connectors - Fibre Optics

Connectors - Flat Cable

Connectors - High Density

Connectors - High Voltage

Connectors - IDC (Insulation Displacement)

Connectors - Mains

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Connectors - Optical

Connectors - Panel Mounting

Connectors - PCB

Connectors - PCB Edge

Connectors - Power (Mains)

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Connectors - Printed Circuit

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Connectors - Rectangular

Connectors - RF

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Connectors - SIMM Sockets

Connectors - Smart Card

Connectors - Sockets, Co-Axial

Connectors - Sockets, Electrical

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Connectors - Sub Min

Connectors - Telecom

Connectors - Terminal Strip

Connectors - Terminals

Connectors - Test

Connectors - Thermocouple

Connectors - UHF

Connectors - USB

Connectors - Waterproof

Connectors - Weatherproof


Containers - Plastic

Control Equipment

Control Panels - Components

Converters - AC to DC

Converters - Analogue to Digital

Converters - DC to DC

Copper - Wire


Couplings - Mechanical

Crimping Tools and Machines

Crystal Oscillators


Current Limiters

Data Acquisition Systems

Data Collection Terminals (Portable)

Data Storage

Deburring Equipment


Degreasing Solutions


Delay Lines

Device Programmers (Equipment)

Device Programming (Services)

Diodes - Current Regulating

Diodes - High Voltage

Diodes - Laser

Diodes - Modules

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Disk Drives - Magnetic

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Disks - Computer

Dispensing Equipment

Displays - Alphanumeric

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Displays - Flat Panel Components

Displays - Front Lighting

Displays - Interface Boards

Displays - Large Digit

Displays - LCD

Displays - LCM

Displays - LED

Displays - PDA

Displays - Plasma

Displays - Systems Design

Displays - TFT

Displays - Vacuum Fluorescent

Distribution Boards and Accessories

Distribution Company

Door Entry - Systems

Drilling Equipment


Earth Leakage Protection Equipment

Earthing Equipment

Electrical Components

Electrical Equipment - Flame Proof



Electromechanical Components

Electronic Components

Electronic Components - Kitting Services

Electronic Components - Obsolete

Electronic Components - Testing

Electronic Controls

Electronic Grade Chemicals

Electronics - Components, Shortages

EMC - Components

EMC - Mains Filters

EMC - Shielding

EMI, RFI - Components

EMI, RFI - Shielding



Enclosures - Aluminium

Enclosures - Cabinets

Enclosures - Plastic

Enclosures - Steel


Encoders - Rotary

Environmental Test Equipment

EPROM Emulators

ESD - Cleaning Fluids

ESD - Packaging

ESD - Polish

Fans - AC

Fans - Cooler

Fans - DC

Fans - Other

Fans - Ventilating


Fasteners - Brass

Fasteners and Fastening Systems

Ferrite - Components

Ferrite - EMI Suppression

Fibre Optics - Assemblies

Fibre Optics - Components

Filters - Active

Filters - Analogue

Filters - Mains

Filters - RF and Microwave

Filters - RFI and EMC

Fire - Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire Protection - Equipment

First Aid Equipment

Floodlighting Equipment

Flow Measurement Equipment

Flow Meters

Flow Meters - Calibration

Fluid Dispensing Equipment


Frequency Converters - Power

Fume Extraction Equipment

Fuseboards - Boxes



Fuses - Electrical

Fuses - Thermal

Gang Programmers

Gas - Detection Equipment

Gaskets - Dispensed

Gaskets - EMI, RF Shielding

Gaskets and Sealants

GDT - Gas Discharge Tube

GDT - Gas Discharge Tube, SMD type


GPS - Systems

Grinding Service - Tool and Cutter


Hall Effect Devices


Hazardous Area Devices

Heat Detection Equipment

Heat Pumps - Thermoelectric

Heat Shrink - Sleeving

Heat Transfer - Materials

Heater Controls


Heatsinks - Compound

Heatsinks - Insulators




In-Circuit Emulators


Inductors and Coils

Inductors and Coils - SMD

Information Display Systems

Infrared - Detection Equipment

Infrared - Detectors

Infrared - LED

Infrared - Remote Control Sensors

Inspection Equipment - Optical

Inspection Equipment - Other

Instruments - Electronic

Insulating Materials

Insulating Pads

Insulation Displacement Equipment


Integrated Circuits - Accessories

Integrated Circuits - Adapters

Intercom Systems

Interface Modules

Ionisation Equipment


Joysticks - Industrial


Kitting Services

Knobs and Dials

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment - Electronic

Laboratory Equipment - General



Lamps - Electroluminescent

Lamps - Indicator

Lamps - Infrared

Lamps - Inspection

Lamps - Low Voltage

Lamps - Miniature

Lamps - Neon

Lamps - Safety, Industrial

Lamps - Ultra-Violet (UV)

Laser - Diodes


Leak Detection - Equipment


LED - Backlights

LED - Blue

LED - Blue Displays

LED - Clusters

LED - Custom

LED - High Performance

LED - Illumination

LED - Signs

LED - Surface Mount

LED - Torches

Lenses - Moulded

Level Control Equipment

Level Indicators

Lighting Equipment - Commercial

Lighting Equipment - Construction Site

Lighting Equipment - Desktop

Lighting Equipment - Emergency

Lighting Equipment - Fluorescent

Lighting Equipment - Gardens

Lighting Equipment - Harsh Environment

Lighting Equipment - Hazardous Area

Lighting Equipment - Incandescent

Lighting Equipment - Other

Lighting Equipment - Outdoor

Lighting Equipment - Portable

Lighting Equipment - Rechargeable

Lighting Equipment - Task Lighting

Lighting Fittings

Liquid Crystal Products

Liquid Dispensers

Load Cells

Logic Analysers


Loudspeakers - Components


Magnetic Card Equipment

Magnetic Components

Magnetic Storage


Magnets - Permanent


Mains Adaptors

Mains Filters

Mains Plugs and Cordsets

Marking - Machines

Marking Pens - Paint

Marking Pens - Permanent

Marking Pens - Printed Circuit

Measurement Systems

Measuring Equipment

Memories - Secure

Memory - DRAM

Memory - Flash

Memory Cards

Memory Cards - Digital Camera

Memory IC

Memory Modules

Metal - Fabricating Services

Meters - Electrical




Microelectronic Components

Microelectronic Equipment


Microphones - Condenser

Microprocessor Based Control Systems

Microprocessor Systems

Microscopes - Accessories


Microwave - Detectors

Military - Electronics

MMIC - Microwave Monolithic IC

Mobile Data Communications

Mobile Phone - Accessories


Monitors - Colour

Monitors - LCD

Monitors - Monochrome

Monitors - Spares

Motor Control Gear

Motor Speed Controllers - AC

Motor Speed Controllers - DC

Motors - Electric, AC

Motors - Electric, DC

Motors - General

Motors - Other

Motors - Servo

Motors - Stepping

Motors - Vibrating

Moulded Cable Assemblies



Network - Telephony Equipment

Networking Products

Obsolete Components - General

Optical - Couplers


Optoelectronic - Components

Optoelectronic - Switches



Oscillators - Quartz

Oscillators - Voltage Controlled


Packaging - Dissipative

Packaging - Materials, ESD

Panel Meters

PCB - Assembly Repair Services

PCB - Terminals

PCB Design Software


Personal Computers

pH Instruments



Photoelectric Cells

Pin Grid Array

PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers

Plugs and Sockets


Potentiometers - Digital Readout

Potentiometers - General

Potentiometers - Linear

Potentiometers - Panel

Potentiometers - Rotary

Potentiometers - Slide

Potentiometers - SMD

Potentiometers - Trimmer

Potentiometers - Trimmers

Potting - Compounds

Power Conditioners

Power Controllers

Power Cords

Power Factor Correction

Power Generation

Power Meters

Power Supply - AC, AC

Power Supply - AC, DC Linear

Power Supply - AC, DC Switched Mode

Power Supply - DC, AC

Power Supply - DC, DC

Power Supply - DIN Rail

Power Supply - Emergency

Power Supply - Hazardous Areas

Power Supply - Laboratory

Power Supply - Modules

Power Supply - Programmable

Power Supply - Test Equipment

Power Supply - Uninterruptible

Pressure Gauge - General

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Switches

Pressure Transmitters

Printers - Accessories

Printers - Bar Code

Printers - Dot Matrix

Printers - Ink Jet


Printers - Repair Services

Printers - Spares

Printers - Thermal

Printing - Label

Process Control - Systems

Procurement - Services

Programmers - Microcontrollers

Programmers and Emulators

Programming - Equipment

Programming - Services

Protection - Over-Current

Protection - Over-Voltage

Protective Clothing

Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors - Ultrasonic

Public Address - Equipment

Publications - Electronics


Quartz Crystals

Racking and Storage

Racks and Housings

Radio Paging Equipment

Readout Systems - Analogue

Readout Systems - Digital

Receivers - General

Rectifiers - High Voltage

Rectifiers - Other

Rectifiers - Power


Relays - PCB

Relays - Power

Relays - Reed

Relays - Solid State - SSR

Relays - Timing

Remote Control Equipment


Resins - Epoxy


Resistors - Aluminium Housed

Resistors - Chip

Resistors - Electrical

Resistors - Electronic

Resistors - Film

Resistors - Film, Power

Resistors - Fixed

Resistors - Fixed Carbon - Non-Inductive

Resistors - High Frequency

Resistors - High Voltage

Resistors - Metal Oxide

Resistors - Networks

Resistors - Power

Resistors - Precision

Resistors - SMD

Resistors - Variable

Resistors - Wirewound

Resistors - Wirewound, Power


Rework Equipment - PCB

RF - Components and Accessories

RF - Modules

RF and Microwave - Products

Sealing Glands

Seals and Gaskets

Security - Components and Devices

Security - Equipment

Security - Lighting Systems

Security - Systems

Security - Systems and Equipment

Semiconductors - A, D Converters

Semiconductors - Analogue Switches

Semiconductors - ASIC

Semiconductors - Audio Signal Processing

Semiconductors - Bluetooth

Semiconductors - Clock Generators

Semiconductors - Comparators

Semiconductors - Components and Accessories

Semiconductors - D , A Converters

Semiconductors - Digital

Semiconductors - Discrete

Semiconductors - Electroluminescent Lamp Inverter

Semiconductors - EPROM

Semiconductors - FPGA

Semiconductors - General Range

Semiconductors - Hall Effect

Semiconductors - Hybrids

Semiconductors - IC

Semiconductors - LCD Drivers

Semiconductors - Linear

Semiconductors - Logic

Semiconductors - Memory

Semiconductors - Microprocessor

Semiconductors - Miscellaneous

Semiconductors - Mixed Signal

Semiconductors - Network IC

Semiconductors - Obsolete

Semiconductors - OP Amps

Semiconductors - Other

Semiconductors - Packaging

Semiconductors - Packaging, Materials

Semiconductors - Power

Semiconductors - Power Control

Semiconductors - Programmers

Semiconductors - Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Semiconductors - RAM - DIMM

Semiconductors - RAM - SIMM

Semiconductors - Rectifiers

Semiconductors - Specialised Memory

Semiconductors - Switches

Semiconductors - Telecommunications

Semiconductors - Video Signal Processing

Semiconductors - Voltage Regulators

Sensors - Acceleration

Sensors - Displacement

Sensors - Flow

Sensors - Gas

Sensors - Hall Effect

Sensors - Humidity

Sensors - Liquid Level

Sensors - Loadcells

Sensors - Magnetic

Sensors - Optical

Sensors - Opto-electrical

Sensors - Other

Sensors - Pneumatic

Sensors - Pressure

Sensors - Proximity

Sensors - Resistance

Sensors - Semiconductor

Sensors - Strain Gauges

Sensors - Temperature

Sensors - Voltage

Shaft Encoders

Signal Conditioning

Signal Generators

Signs - Safety

Smart Card - Equipment

Smart Cards and Chips

SMD - Components

Smoke, Heat Detection Equipment

Socket Adapters

Software - Microcontroller

Software - Programming

Solar Cells and Panels

Solar Power Generation


Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment - Accessories


Solvents and Cleaners

Sound Level Meters


Static Control - Equipment

Static Control - Materials

Static Control - Products

Storage Devices - Digital


Suppressors and Filters

Surface Coatings

Surface Mount Components

Surge Filters and Lightning Protectors

Surge Protection Devices

Surplus - Electronic Components

Switch Contacts

Switches - Air

Switches - DIL

Switches - DIP

Switches - Electromechanical

Switches - Float

Switches - Flow

Switches - Foot

Switches - General

Switches - Hall Effect

Switches - Hazardous Areas

Switches - Illuminated

Switches - Interlock

Switches - Key

Switches - Key Operated

Switches - Keylock

Switches - Level

Switches - Locking

Switches - Micro

Switches - Miniature

Switches - Motion

Switches - Optical

Switches - Pressure

Switches - Proximity

Switches - Push

Switches - Reed

Switches - Rocker

Switches - Rotary

Switches - Safety

Switches - Sealed

Switches - Slide

Switches - Surface Mount

Switches - Temperature

Switches - Tilt

Switches - Tip

Switches - Toggle

Switches - Vibration

Switchgear - Accessories and Components


Tape Backup Systems

Tape Drives

Tapes - Adhesive

Tapes - Conductive

Tapes - Electrical Insulating

Tapes - Electrical Insulation

Tapes - Magnetic

Tapes - Masking

Tapes - Screening

Tapes - Surface Mount

TCXO - Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Telecom - Components

Telephone Answering Machines

Telephone Equipment - Components

Telephones - Handsets

Television - Cameras

Television - Components

Temperature Controllers

Temperature Indication Labels

Temperature Indication Labels, Irreversible

Temperature Indicators

Temperature Measurement Equipment

Temperature Monitors

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors - Digital

Temperature Transmitters

Terminals - Connector Blocks

Terminals - Crimping

Terminals - Electrical, Insulated

Terminals - Surface Mount

Test Equipment

Test Equipment - Components

Test Equipment - Electrical

Test Equipment - Electronic

Test Equipment - Semiconductor

Test Meters

Test Probes

Test Sets

Thermal Pads

Thermal Transfer Materials

Thermally Conductive, Foil

Thermionic Devices

Thermistors - NTC

Thermistors - PTC



Thermometers - Analogue

Thermometers - Electronic

Thermometers - Resistance


Thyristor (SCR) and Triacs

Thyristor Power Controllers

Time Switches


Timing Equipment

Training - Electronics

Training - Software

Training - Static Control

Training and Education


Transducers - Linear

Transducers - Linear Displacement

Transducers - Pressure

Transducers - Temperature

Transducers - Ultrasonic

Transformers - Audio

Transformers - Auto

Transformers - Chokes

Transformers - Current

Transformers - Encapsulated

Transformers - Isolating

Transformers - Mains

Transformers - PCB Mounting

Transformers - Pulse

Transformers - Telecom

Transformers - Toroidal

Transformers - Variable Voltage

Transient Voltage Suppressors


Transistors - Holders

Transistors - Power, Bipolar

Transistors - Power, MOSFET

Transit Cases

Transmitters - Pressure

Transmitters - Radio

Tubes - Electronic

Tubing - Heat Shrinkable

Ultrasonic - Cleaning

Universal Programmers

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UV - Erasers

Vacuum - Gauges

Vacuum - Pencils

Vacuum Pumps

Value Added Services

Valves - Electronic (Tubes)

Valves - Solenoid


VCXO - Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator

VDU Terminals

Vehicle Electronic Equipment

Video Capture Boards

Video Components

Video Equipment

Video Recorders

Video Security Products

Voltage Regulators

Welding - Metal

Welding Electrodes

Welding Machines

Wire - Enameled

Wire Wound Components

Wiring Accessories

Wound Components

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Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to our customers.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

We supply into the following Markets:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Navy
  • NATO


We strive to build long term relationships with our customers, making customer service our number one priority.


We respond to all requests within 30 Minutes.


Mil883 offers an unconditional guarantee on the parts you purchase.

All orders come with our 30-Day FFF Guarantee!

We expect the best - Why should you compromise.

Tel: +44 (0)1279 86 87 86

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