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Thank you for visiting our MILITARY ELECTRONIC COMPONENT site.

We supply ALL Military Electronic Requirements.

Please see our LINE CARD link above.

For sales requirements please mail us at ;

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We're very helpful and look forward to working with you....

What do we do.

MIL883 provides a quick and no fuss response to all your Military Component Requirments, we are a dedicated Customer Service driven team.

In this ever challanging world, Purcurement specialists are challeneged every day to fullfil Customer requirements within cost and on time.  As parts become more difficuilt to find and leadtimes grow ever longer, Mil 883 is here to keep you on time and within budget.

How does what we do, fit in with YOU..!

You think you're really something special, don't you? We agree! That's why we're prepared to jump through hoops to make sure that we consistently exceed your expectations.

You may think that you've heard it all before. But, at Mil883 , if we say it, we mean it. As part of one of Europe's smartest and most widely recognised international Military trading companies, we have all of the hi tech wizardry you'd expect of a market-leader - with the added reassurance you'll only find in a family-run business.

If it matters to you, it matters to us. Because we want you to come back and shop with us time after time, our promise is quite simple. If something goes wrong, tell us and we'll move heaven and earth to put it right. Quickly . At the end of our email addresses are real individuals with sensitive hearts and focused minds. And their brief is to surprise you with their efficiency.

Think of us as your local store. So local, in fact, that we're just a click away! Pop in as often as you like - you'll always be assured of a warm welcome!


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We expect the best - Why should you compromise!

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