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We are dedicated to servicing all of our customers procurement needs. When you work with Mil883.Com, you work with a team of dedicated, industry knowledgeable friendly professionals, backed by the financial strength and experience necessary to satisfy the demands of today’s biggest OEM’s.  Besides being on the cutting edge of technology, our hands-on, personal approach to procurement has been the main reason why Mil883.Com has been so successful in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

In addition, Mil883.Com offers a wide variety of value added services to all of our customers. These include up-to-date market information, Global parts search capabilities and excess inventory management services among others. A partial list of our value added services is detailed below:

Tape and Reel Services, IC Testing, Bar Coding and Programming

Commercial, Industrial and Military Screening

Excess Inventory Management

End of Life and Obsolete Programs

Global Parts Search

Market Consultation

Product Warranty and Product Liability

30-Day FFF Guarantee

All orders come with our 30-Day FFF Guarantee.

If you've made a mistake or ordered the wrong item, give us a call and we'll work it out for you.


We expect the best - Why should you compromise!

Call: 08450 22 23 24

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